A hot bath alone is scientifically proven to deliver many health benefits. It can alleviate the pain from a sore muscle, and it can also help cure dry and itchy skin. Other than that, it can also bring a relaxing feeling and it can also detoxify you. Anxiety and stress, fatigue, tension headache, insomnia and more are just a few things that a hot water can relieve. That is why, hot springs are heaven sent. You will get the same fun as you get in a swimming pool but hot springs are simply better. You just want to stay there and enjoy the relaxing water. Some travel agency in the Philippines lets you choose a hot spring for you to visit. Here are some of the best hot springs in the Philippines that you should try.

Laguna has the most number of hot springs in the Philippines. Travel agency in the Philippines will surely point you to a number of hot springs located here. In fact, the Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines is located in Calamba, Laguna. C3Y Villa Hot Spring Resort which is set in the heart of Pansol, Calamba, Laguna is a complete package of anything you wanted to see in a resort. Their natural hot spring will definitely want you to go back here at your free time. They also have swimming pools and their Bali-inspired huts is also one of the factors why this resort is visited.

Puning Hot Springs and Sand Spa is located in the foot of Mount Pinatubo in Clark, Pampanga. This brings you to a different hot spring experience. The thermal waters come from the famous Mount Pinatubo. You can also try their sand spa which is from the sand of Mount Pinatubo, as well. What a refreshing and unique take on your hot spring and spa.

Meanwhile in Coron, Palawan, vacationers are enjoying the rejuvenating hot springs of Maquinit. You cannot have the bragging rights that you have already traveled Coron if you have not tried this hot spring on your travel. This is a famous hot springs for those who just got back from the extreme adventure Palawan has to offer. The reason is simple in asking why is it famous. Travel agencies in the Philippines will immediately tell you that this is the only saltwater hot spring not only in the Philippines, but in Asia.


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